Oak Lane Edge

Overcoming business challenges, resolving complex situations and addressing suitable growth prospects requires more than just capital, it requires an experienced and proven partner.

  • unbounded private capital


    As a private investment office, Oak Lane is not confined to the typical investment fund boundaries. Specifically, Oak Lane does not have defined holding periods, scripted exit scenarios, structure/size limitations or complex decision-making processes. Oak Lane moves quickly, invests sizably, and commits unequivocally.

  • flexible deal structures


    Oak Lane prides itself on innovatively structuring each investment to meet the needs of all stakeholders. While there may be temptation to force-fit every investment into a standardized template, Oak Lane exhausts its debt and equity expertise to craft the “deal” that best fits the situation and dynamics.

  • proven operational expertise


    Oak Lane’s proven operators possess deep industry experience, operational expertise, functional capabilities and financial intelligence. Collectively, they have successfully managed over $30 billion of revenues, 75 manufacturing plants, 10 service businesses and 20,000 union and non-union employees.

  • expansive commercial network


    With decades of experience leading large companies and advising smaller innovative enterprises, Oak Lane’s Partners and Advisors have built strong and vast business, commercial, political and social networks that they actively access to help each portfolio company advance its strategic objectives.